We don’t just
talk about diversity
we believe in it.

Süvii is a multicultural, digital marketing agency with a passion for visual storytelling. We are an action-oriented group of creative dreamers who proudly operate with a moral code.

We are curious about the world around us, and value the power of diverse perspectives and ideas. We believe in the importance of history, the arts, science, engineering, and technology and we use that understanding to inspire and motivate others to achieve their full potential.

“Integrity, diversity, social responsibility and profit
are not mutually exclusive segments, but can go hand and hand with business success and sustainability.”

David Raglin,
Managing Director of Marketing



The Awakening.

The name Süvii has German inspiration, and it symbolizes and celebrates the cultures of the world.

In 2000, Süvii’s founder left the United States to study abroad in Heidelberg, Germany.  During that time, he heard different perspectives from Germans, refugees from the former Yugoslavia and people of goodwill from many other countries. Those experiences inspired and gave him a new appreciation for history, art, science, and the human story.

In 2009, when the name Süvii was being conceived, inspiration came from the memories and experiences of a diverse group of friends and perfect summer days in Heidelberg…


The heart of
Süvii has wings.

Our roots began as a marketing agency only serving the aviation industry.

Today, we are still passionate about supporting the aviation industry, but we’ve expanded our service offerings to small businesses, political campaigns and advocacy groups.

We want to provide these organizations with high-end marketing and video services that are personalized, customized, and typically reserved for large corporations.

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